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A Warrior Princess by KonekoTsukino
A Warrior Princess
A million years ago I saw the design of this bodice on Tumblr (…) and I INSTANTLY thought of Princess Serenity, so it was just up to me to finally draw some art after a million other years. So, yeah, sorry I've been nonexistent art-wise. But this year I'm going to try my best to post one piece of art every month!!! (And maybe finish a few pieces here and there, lol) (Also, I get the feeling that I am slightly obsessed with that sword??? Why does it keep showing up in my art? lol!) 

Princess Serenity (C) Naoko Takeuchi and co.
The bodice (C) Royal Black 
Fem!Jafar by KonekoTsukino
It's been forever since I've posted any of my cosplays (or anything at all...) so here is my most recent!!! Last month I premiered by Fem!Jafar cosplay at Youmacon in Detroit, MI. She is of my own design and the dress was made by my cosplay partner's mom, while Zach and I worked on the Snake Staff (he bent my PVC, I crafted the snake head) Being Jafar was a ton of fun, although a little strange because I'm so used to being cute and happy characters so I had a hard time posing for a bit. I can't wait to wear it again, though!!!

Photo by the lovely Sopheria Studios Photography. 
Jafar (c) Disney
Moon Mama's All Together by KonekoTsukino
Moon Mama's All Together

This was my birthday present for the ever-wonderful :iconelila: and now it will serve as part of a "I'm sorry you're having a stressful week and I hope your vacation will be awesome!" present. 

SO YAY! I FINALLY DREW OUR MAMA'S TOGETHER!!!! From left to right we have:
My Concordia and her Kiandra. 
Her Safara and my Ardere
My Rosalind and her Xandra 
My Cytheria and her Freya 

I absolutely love Xandra, she was my favorite to draw and she is so beautiful and she and Rosalind are my favorite pair! They would kick such ass together while being so effortlessly beautiful, it's kinda unfair. Although Safara and Ardere are close seconds (I imagine a very big sister/little sister relationship for them since Safara is Elila's youngest mama and Ardere is the second oldest of mine). And I could not get over how much I liked how Concordia and Kiandra looked together, they look ready to beat someone down with KNOWLEDGE. 

The twins (as I took to calling Cytheria and Freya) were almost kicked out of the bunch because they were stubborn brats who WOULDN'T BE DRAWN! 

Everyone was originally full-length and I am unsure about where I cropped them down to being, but in the end I'm glad I DID crop it. 

All of :iconelila:'s ladies (C) her
all my ladies (C) me
Sailor Moon (C) Naoko Takeuchi and co
Present preview by KonekoTsukino
Present preview
So I totally had this whole thing sketched out before the birthday of the fabulous :iconelila: but I was doing a musical at the time and then my tablet was acting up like a spoiled child. BUUUUUUT I wanted to show her the progress! Your present is coming soon!! 

UPDATE: I am not in love with how I shaded the dress buuuuuuut loook, progress!! I PROMISE IT'S COMING SOON, MY DEAR!!! 


United States
I'm trying to keep up with posting my drawings, but sometimes I get a bit lazy.
I am 24 years young.
I am happily taken by my wonderful Zachary.
I want to be on Broadway.
I also love to write! I enjoy writing for fandoms like Labyrinth, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, and things that strike my fancy at the time like Twilight and A Great and Terrible Beauty. I am also on the fourth draft of my novel and I'm working on a few other novels as well.
And I'm a pretty random girl, in case you haven't realized.

Current Residence: Wherever my laptop is
Favourite genre of music: Broadway (you know it)
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Operating System: My Dell
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Usagi Tsukino
Personal Quote: I love being me
It's been SUCH a long time since I journaled so I figured I should write one and talk about what's being going on in my life, as well as explain my lack of art (and, oddly enough, increase of cosplay)
As was explained in a few of the images I have uploaded in the last few months, I lost my job at the end of last summer, was jobless for a month, then got a job and promptly moved into an apartment where I went without internet for four month. That would explain my non-posting from late November-mid March. Other then that? I dunno, my muse as mostly left me. I did a crapton of doodles back in the beginning of last year that I look at once in a while and go "I could work on that...but nah" I have really wanted to do some art but every time I begin, I end up getting bored with it. Every once in a while little urges will strike me but they leave before I can even lift a pencil. I haven't even colored in my coloring books, I've been so disenchanted. Nor have I really done any bit of writing. I'll write a few pages here and there, but then lose my thoughts and not touch it for weeks. 
Well, it's not really that my muse left me, she just changed focuses. Jess and I are always discussing our next cosplays or getting together for random shoots. I'm obsessing over other people's cosplays and always counting down the days until the next con I can get my hands on (in fact, I'll be going to one next weekend for my birthday!!! AND meeting John Barrowman!!!!) I'm constantly dreaming up new photo shoots and researching future cos's. So yeah, expect more cosplay photos from me, I suppose. I'm always slapping on my ridiculous collection of wigs and having a go at it. 
There is a reason for my switch in focuses. I haven't been able to do a musical or even a play in almost two years and I'm absolutely dying inside. Seriously...I stare longingly at pictures from shows and feel like crying I miss it so badly. So cosplay has been giving me the acting outlet I crave and thus my obsession to do it almost all the time. However, I am hoping that come next theatre season I will be finally dragging my butt back on a stage (fingers crossed!!!!!) 
However, I am doing my best to work on art more often. I have been collecting new ideas and, of course, the news about Sailor Moon Crystal has me excited to try out that style. I do occasionally plug in my tablet and scratch out a few lines here or there. I'm hoping to soon present you lovelies with some new art!!!

I love you all!

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: crickets chirp outside my window
  • Watching: Classic Doctor Who
  • Drinking: water

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