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Neptune Legacy Line by KonekoTsukino
Neptune Legacy Line
I can FIIIINAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY share the Neptune Legacy Line with you all!!! Because, surprise, this has been done since I finished Mercury's (you know...years ago...*hides*) But I told myself I would do them all in order so I was holding off like a good girl, and then just kind of forgot after I posted Jupiter a little while ago, haha. 

So yay, here we have the Neptune Legacy Line! I always liked a lot of their designs, really one of my favorite families to do. As always, if there is anyone you'd like to know more about, please let me know!!! (except the identity of Michiko's father. No, I'm not telling anyone. I'm either going to reveal it in a grand way or never ever) And yes, those are 

Sailor Moon (C) Naoko Takeuchi and co
Everyone else (C) me
First Set of Champions WIP by KonekoTsukino
First Set of Champions WIP
Here's a quick sketch of the Champions from Mercury, Venus, and Mars. 
Mercury is represented by Queen Sophia, the youngest daughter to Boreas and Agaue, fighting with her spear and shield. When her older brother was defeated in the first Great Contest, she immediately volunteered for the second, despite having an older sister. 
Venus is represented by Queen Cerridwen, only daughter to Anteros and Aglaia, fighting with her Heart Whip. She was livid at not getting the chance to fight in the first Contest, angry at the prospect of men thinking they were better then her, and was delighted when the Women's Tournament was announced.
Mars is represented by Queen Brigid, eldest daughter to Morrigan and Gunnar, fighting with her bow and arrows. Growing up in a family that relishes in war, Brigid had many weapon specialties, but she always felt the most satisfaction at nailing a long-distance shot.

Sophia's weapon was the hardest to decide on since Mercury never really uses an actual weapon like many of the other girls, so I went with something based off Hermes' staff. 

All girls (C) me
Sailor Moon (C) Naoko Takeuchi and co.  
PnS sketch by KonekoTsukino
PnS sketch
While bored at work, I sketched out Panty and Stocking and colored them with the markers we had at work (AKA highlighters and sharpies, lol) I love these two dirty bitches, they're some of my favorites!!! 
Hades and Persephone by KonekoTsukino
Hades and Persephone
I don't remember when I drew this??? But  I DO  remember the inspiration was from the "Goddess Test" series by Aimee Carter wherein Hades tells his new Persephone (Kate) that he doesn't care what she does during those six months she's not with him, just as long as she comes back. He doesn't even care if she has a boyfriend, just always come back. 
SO I had this idea that Persephone/Serenity was already with Seiya when she was trapped into being Hades/Endy's bride. She refuses Endy's bed while remaining faithful to Seiya, but sadly she doesn't know that Seiya isn't quite as loyal. 
AS ALWAYS, I'm going to cry now about how my scanner is a huge jerk and eats colors and how I should really just get a new one because why do I keep suffering with this one/Why don't I just always do things digitally so that it doesn't end up sucking???

On a positive note, I don't thiiiiink I've ever drawn Seiya before and I have to say that I'm pretty proud of how he came out. Especially considering I drew Endy and Sere what must have been about a year ago and I jotted Seiya down in like ten

All characters (C) Naoko Takeuchi and co.
Apart by KonekoTsukino
I wish I knew if my 10 had a dA as I only know her Tumblr, but isn't she wonderful?
We decided to recreate one of the most heartbreaking Doctor Who moments. It's no fun being apart from the one you love, especially when it's dimensions apart!
At first we regretted the lovely screen behind her head but then again, there WAS a definite lighting difference in the two universes, so it works!

Taken at Youmacon in Detroit, 2014


United States
I'm trying to keep up with posting my drawings, but sometimes I get a bit lazy.
I am 24 years young.
I am happily taken by my wonderful Zachary.
I want to be on Broadway.
I also love to write! I enjoy writing for fandoms like Labyrinth, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, and things that strike my fancy at the time like Twilight and A Great and Terrible Beauty. I am also on the fourth draft of my novel and I'm working on a few other novels as well.
And I'm a pretty random girl, in case you haven't realized.

Current Residence: Wherever my laptop is
Favourite genre of music: Broadway (you know it)
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Operating System: My Dell
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Usagi Tsukino
Personal Quote: I love being me
It's been SUCH a long time since I journaled so I figured I should write one and talk about what's being going on in my life, as well as explain my lack of art (and, oddly enough, increase of cosplay)
As was explained in a few of the images I have uploaded in the last few months, I lost my job at the end of last summer, was jobless for a month, then got a job and promptly moved into an apartment where I went without internet for four month. That would explain my non-posting from late November-mid March. Other then that? I dunno, my muse as mostly left me. I did a crapton of doodles back in the beginning of last year that I look at once in a while and go "I could work on that...but nah" I have really wanted to do some art but every time I begin, I end up getting bored with it. Every once in a while little urges will strike me but they leave before I can even lift a pencil. I haven't even colored in my coloring books, I've been so disenchanted. Nor have I really done any bit of writing. I'll write a few pages here and there, but then lose my thoughts and not touch it for weeks. 
Well, it's not really that my muse left me, she just changed focuses. Jess and I are always discussing our next cosplays or getting together for random shoots. I'm obsessing over other people's cosplays and always counting down the days until the next con I can get my hands on (in fact, I'll be going to one next weekend for my birthday!!! AND meeting John Barrowman!!!!) I'm constantly dreaming up new photo shoots and researching future cos's. So yeah, expect more cosplay photos from me, I suppose. I'm always slapping on my ridiculous collection of wigs and having a go at it. 
There is a reason for my switch in focuses. I haven't been able to do a musical or even a play in almost two years and I'm absolutely dying inside. Seriously...I stare longingly at pictures from shows and feel like crying I miss it so badly. So cosplay has been giving me the acting outlet I crave and thus my obsession to do it almost all the time. However, I am hoping that come next theatre season I will be finally dragging my butt back on a stage (fingers crossed!!!!!) 
However, I am doing my best to work on art more often. I have been collecting new ideas and, of course, the news about Sailor Moon Crystal has me excited to try out that style. I do occasionally plug in my tablet and scratch out a few lines here or there. I'm hoping to soon present you lovelies with some new art!!!

I love you all!

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: crickets chirp outside my window
  • Watching: Classic Doctor Who
  • Drinking: water

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